Tucson Logic, LLC

Tucson Logic creates new electronics to make life easier and more fun.

For product availability and other questions, please reach out to sales@tucsonlogic.com.

TL develops hardware and software both independently and as a consultancy. If you have an idea that needs electricity, get in touch with us at ideas@tucsonlogic.com.

At its core, TL is four friends with diverse tech backgrounds who enjoy working on projects together. The team was made official in 2019.



The JVS-Bridge is a miniature JVS-compatible IO board for coin-operated video games. It can be used like a typical IO board, taking its input from a set of switches and responding to a JVS game that wants input. Or, it can be connected to a USB host, and will respond on the JVS bus with the control inputs it receives over the USB.

In standalone mode, the JVS-Bridge supports 2 players, each with one lever and 8 action buttons. In USB-controlled mode, it supports 4 players, each with one lever and 8 action buttons, and 4 8-bit analog input channels.

The JVS-Bridge is not currently compatible with Taito Type X systems.


$50, shipped in the US. For international orders, please e-mail us at sales@tucsonlogic.com.

Lip Widget

The Lip Widget is a plug-and-play USB MIDI breath controller. It enables musicians to add expression and authenticity to their digital music through the use of air pressure created by the breath.

The calibration process is easy: (1) push and hold the button, (2) blow into the mouthpiece, and (3) release the button. When initially plugged in, a red light means the device needs calibration. The light turns green when calibrating, blue when reporting MIDI values, and purple if pressure is maxed out. The brightness of the light indicates the intensity of the pressure it reads.

The Lip Widget is currently in beta testing. Production unit enclosures will be printed and ultimately molded from food-safe PETG. Commercial availability is expected in 2022 at a price of under $100 for individual units.

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